Alexander Davey, Director, Senior Product Specialist, Alternative Beta Strategies, HSBC Global Asset Management

Alexander Davey
Director, Senior Product Specialist, Alternative Beta Strategies
HSBC Global Asset Management

Andrew Barnett, Chief Data Officer, Legal & General Investment Management

Andrew Barnett
Chief Data Officer
Legal & General Investment Management

Cheryle Dobbs, Head of Marketing & Communications, PineBridge Investments

Cheryle Dobbs
Head of Marketing & Communications
PineBridge Investments

Courtney Waterman, Head of EMEA Marketing, Schroders

Courtney Waterman
Head of EMEA Marketing

Enrico Massignani, Head of Risk Management, Generali Investments

Enrico Massignani
Head of Risk Management
Generali Investments

Francis Gross, Senior Adviser, Directorate General Statistics, European Central Bank

Francis Gross
Senior Adviser, Directorate General Statistics
European Central Bank

Frederic Lenoir, Chief Marketing, Communications & Innovation Officer, Natixis Interepargne

Frederic Lenoir
Chief Marketing, Communications & Innovation Officer
Natixis Interepargne

Graham Cousar, IT Data Programme Director, UBS Global Asset Management

Graham Cousar
IT Data Programme Director
UBS Global Asset Management

Igor Lobanov, Head of Systems Architecture, Legal & General Investment Management

Igor Lobanov
Head of Systems Architecture
Legal & General Investment Management

Renata Hoes, Head of Compliance, Generali Investments

Renata Hoes
Head of Compliance
Generali Investments

Siobhan Doyle, Head of Investment Operations, Schroders

Siobhan Doyle
Head of Investment Operations

Steinar Eikeland, Chief Investment Officer, Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning

Steinar Eikeland
Chief Investment Officer
Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning

Stephane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Development, AXA Investment Managers

Stephane Janin
Head of Global Regulatory Development
AXA Investment Managers

Tarun Chudasama, Head of Information Management, Investec Asset Management

Tarun Chudasama
Head of Information Management
Investec Asset Management

Victoria Parrish, Head of Marketing Analytics, RFPs & Fund Reporting, Legal & General Investment Management

Victoria Parrish
Head of Marketing Analytics, RFPs & Fund Reporting
Legal & General Investment Management

Vincent Dessard, Senior Policy Advisor, EFAMA

Vincent Dessard
Senior Policy Advisor

Alison Jefferis, Head of Corporate Affairs, Columbia Threadneedle Investment Management

Alison Jefferis
Head of Corporate Affairs
Columbia Threadneedle Investment Management

Benjamin Yeoh, Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC Global Asset Management

Benjamin Yeoh
Senior Portfolio Manager
RBC Global Asset Management

Matthew Oakeley, Chief Technology Officer, Investec Asset Management

Matthew Oakeley
Chief Technology Officer
Investec Asset Management

Nick Blake, Principal, Head of Personal Investing, Vanguard

Nick Blake
Principal, Head of Personal Investing

Nuala Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Standard Life Aberdeen

Nuala Walsh
Chief Marketing Officer
Standard Life Aberdeen

Rossella Cobelli, Head of IT, Eurizon Capital

Rossella Cobelli
Head of IT
Eurizon Capital

Ruben Lara, Chief Data Officer, Aberdeen Standard

Ruben Lara
Chief Data Officer
Aberdeen Standard

Ursula Schliessler, Chief Administrative Officer, Legg Mason

Ursula Schliessler
Chief Administrative Officer
Legg Mason

Andreas Fuchs, Head of Business Service Development, Quilvest

Andreas Fuchs
Head of Business Service Development

Erwin Jager, Head of Data Management & Applications, Achmea Investment Management

Erwin Jager
Head of Data Management & Applications
Achmea Investment Management

Charlotte Cranny, Programme Manager, UKSIF

Charlotte Cranny
Programme Manager

My-Linh Ngo, Head of ESG Investment Risk, BlueBay Asset Management

My-Linh Ngo
Head of ESG Investment Risk
BlueBay Asset Management

Pascal Traccucci, Chief Risk Officer, La Francaise

Pascal Traccucci
Chief Risk Officer
La Francaise

Julia Roording, Head of Client Management, Europe Client Group, Investec Asset Management

Julia Roording
Head of Client Management, Europe Client Group
Investec Asset Management

Andy Agathangelou, Chair, Transparency Task Force

Andy Agathangelou
Transparency Task Force

Mark Ainsworth, Head of Data Insights, Schroders

Mark Ainsworth
Head of Data Insights

Dr Simon Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Bubble

Dr Simon Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Innovation Bubble

Alun Cutler, Director Product Management, EMEA, Charles River Development

Alun Cutler
Director Product Management, EMEA
Charles River Development

Deborah Gilshan, Governance & Stewardship Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Deborah Gilshan
Governance & Stewardship Director
Aberdeen Standard Investments

Kimon Apostolidis, Head of Market Development for Investing & Advisory, Thomson Reuters

Kimon Apostolidis
Head of Market Development for Investing & Advisory
Thomson Reuters

Tim Gaumer, CFA, Global Director of Fundamental Research, Thomson Reuters

Tim Gaumer, CFA
Global Director of Fundamental Research
Thomson Reuters

Bruno Piers de Raveschoot, COO - Regulatory Division, RIMES

Bruno Piers de Raveschoot
COO – Regulatory Division

John Unsworth, Chief Executive, London Digital Security Centre

John Unsworth
Chief Executive
London Digital Security Centre

Paulo Caricati, CFA, Head of Risk Management EMEA, Western Asset Management

Paulo Caricati, CFA
Head of Risk Management EMEA
Western Asset Management

Miranda Arya, Founding Partner, Great Minds UK

Miranda Arya
Founding Partner
Great Minds UK

Andrew Crain, Chief Compliance Officer, PGIM

Andrew Crain
Chief Compliance Officer

Kirsten Burt, Head of Marketing, UK & Jersey, UBS Wealth Management

Kirsten Burt
Head of Marketing, UK & Jersey
UBS Wealth Management

Naomi Clarke, Head of Data, GAM

Naomi Clarke
Head of Data